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How Skip Tracing Services Assist with Locating Runaway Teens

locating runaway teens, why teenagers run away from home

It’s a terrifying situation for parents when their teenage children run away from home in pursuit of false freedom. You would worry about their safety and wonder whether they sought refuge at a friend’s home or if they are wandering the streets.

Around 20,000 kids and teens go missing every year in Australia. It’s not easy to stay calm when you can’t find any information about your missing teen. However, acquiring the services of reputable private investigators can be the answer to the problem at hand.

Locating missing teens requires an out-of-the-box strategy because they don’t always have a credit card and you may not be able to look up their personal information on local databases either. To skip trace their location, a private investigator would therefore attempt to determine the reason that led them to take this drastic step.

Locating Runaway Teenagers

It’s natural for parents to get worried if their teenager disappears without informing anyone. You may worry about their safety and do everything you can to locate and safely bring them back home. However, it’s not always as easy as it seems to locate your missing child. This is when a skip tracing service can be your go-to option.

Searching their Room for Information

Private investigators may request access to the missing person’s room and consent to go through their belongings to obtain any information or leads that you might have missed. This approach assists in identifying the reason why the person might have left home.

It also gives insights into their routine activities, hobbies, and interests which guides you about where they might be at the present time.

Interviewing Friends of Missing Teens

Aside from searching your home for information, private investigators would also talk to your neighbors as well as friends of the missing teen. They can inquire neighbors to find out if someone saw them leaving the house.

Moreover, young girls and boys tend to share their thoughts and plans with their close friends. So, investigators talk to friends of the missing person to determine if anyone has any idea whether the person was planning to leave home or was facing any problems at home or school that drove them to make this extreme decision. These interviews can offer a vital clue when it comes to searching for missing persons.

Hunting for Information Via the Internet

Private investigators are well-versed in the use of the latest technology. They can explore digital profiles of missing teenagers to extract useful and relevant information. Also, PIs may access the public profiles of their social media contacts to find answers about their mysterious disappearance. The recent activity on these social media profiles can be helpful in skip tracing the location of the missing teenager.

Private Investigators Know How to Do Their Job

With your teenager suddenly disappearing from home, you get anxious or depressed and may get angry at your child. While you may believe that you can find your missing child on your own, this added stress makes the task quite challenging. Hence, it’s a prudent option to engage an experienced and reputable PI.

They are experienced in skip tracing services and are equipped with suitable technology to effectively carry out their job. They objectively analyze the situation and use different techniques such as mobile tracking applications to efficiently look for the missing person.

Reasons Why Teenagers May Run Away from Home

Family Issues

A major reason why teens run away is that they don’t feel safe at home. They are fed up or afraid of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse at the hands of their parents or close relatives.

Teenagers may also drift away when their parents are overly strict. They may feel constant pressure to do better at school and get anxious when they make a mistake. Accordingly, they may run away to escape the uncomfortable environment.

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Lack of Problem-Solving Skills

The act of running away may also indicate the lack of problem-solving skills among teens since they chose to run away when they faced inconvenience instead of trying to solve the problem. For instance, if they are caught stealing or lying, they may choose to run away so as to avoid embarrassment instead of facing consequences or apologizing for their mistake.

Substance Addiction

Another reason why teens may escape home is that they may be addicted to tobacco or drugs and can’t consume the harmful substance in the presence of their guardians. So, they may run away from home for freedom and to avoid accountability for their actions.


Parents often give in to their demands when children threaten to run away. Some teens may manipulate their parents and run away to get what they want. They may escape to a friend or relative’s home and won’t return home until you let them do what they want such as staying out till late and partying with friends.

What To Do When Your Child Returns Home

You shouldn’t expect that everything would return to normal when you find the missing teen and bring them back home. Also, it’s not a good idea to lash out at them. Just like you, they are also afraid and angry.

You should give them time and space to reflect on their actions and then calmly communicate with them to understand each other’s points of view. You should persuade them to face their problems head-on and assure them they are strong enough to resolve their issues.

However, they may run away again if the reason why they left home in the first place still exists. For instance, if they are abused by a relative and they have to face the person at home, then they won’t hesitate in leaving that environment again. So, you should listen to them and take appropriate measures to help them feel safe at home.

Trying to locate your missing teenager? Then our domestic skip tracing service can be the right option for you!

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