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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – What It’s Like To Be Recruited By ISIS Online

What It’s Like to be Recruited By ISIS Online:

A few years ago, organisations, like ISIS, would have had to rely solely on their physical ability to infiltrate a person’s life and convey their messages, preach their ideologies and drive a person to follow their orders.

Traditional jihadist groups, like Hamas or Al Qaeda, would spend several months assessing and developing potential “holy warriors.”

But today, things are a little different.

ISIS, otherwise known as ISIL, although somewhat technologically impaired, have embraced what little tech they have and used it to spread their propaganda faster and more efficiently than ever before. By using Social Media and other information-sharing websites, ISIS is able to appeal to a larger and younger Western audience over a shorter time period, thereby laying the foundations for dangerous radicalisation in later life.

We found an insightful article on the Business Insider website that explains, in more detail, what’s involved when it comes to recruiting young people and how ISIS go about ensuring that their messages are well-received.

Just click here to read the Business Insider article about ISIS.

While Precise Investigation has never been called upon to assist with anti-terrorist activity of these proportions, we have provided our services to people and organisations across a wide range of industries and markets – if you’re in need of some hard-hitting evidence, then hiring a Private Investigator should be your first port of call.

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