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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – Big Vulnerability in Hotel Wi-Fi Router Puts Guests at Risk

Vulnerability in Hotel WIFI Routers Puts Guests at Risk:

You may have already seen our Blog post about the security risks involved when using public WIFI, but would you ever have thought it possible that the hotel’s WIFI that you’re using could be corrupted too?

Hundreds of hotels, around the world, are having to readjust and improve their WIFI network security because of a vulnerability that researchers discovered, which allows hackers to distribute malware to guests.

We put together a detailed insight into how you should always keep an eye out for suspicious networks, and how to protect yourself from online fraud when you’re on the move, just click here to read it. But, how do you go about protecting yourself when you are using a certified network? Well, the real answer is that your provider should ensure that their networks are safe to use!

Read this interesting article, from, that explains the vulnerability in more detail and how it can affect you. Just click here to read it.

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