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Private Investigators – Precie Blog – Computer Checks On Taxi Drivers With Criminal Pasts Halted Due To NSW Government Job Cuts

Job Cuts Mean No Background Checks on ex-Criminal Taxi Drivers:

What’s your opinion on this?

We, as Private Investigators, insist on performing background checks on individuals who serve the public; not as a means to violate their privacy, but to protect the interests of those they serve.

If you hired a babysitter to care for your child, only to later realise that s/he had previously been charged for theft, would you have hired him or her in the first place?

Probably not.

Now, on a much larger scale, we hear news of taxi drivers being excluded from daily computer checks that determine if they’ve ever been charged with serious criminal offences.

Click here to read this article about it from the Daily Telegraph.

Precise Investigation can always run a background check for individuals and businesses alike and, although it might take a little longer than you have to wait for your cab, it can ensure that the people you trust in the most are as trustworthy as they seem.

Get in touch with us and see how a simple background check can change your life.

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