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Body language and infidelity: signs your partner is cheating

Unless you are married to the best poker player in the world, there are tell-tale signs that they may have not been faithful to you.

Very few unfaithful partners are going to be forthcoming with the truth when confronted which can make you question or second guess yourself. However, every unfaithful partner has a ‘tell’ just like in poker that can help you decide what your next course of action should be. Here are some of the leading signs that your partner might be cheating on you:

Eye contact: Especially when questioned or challenged on the issue. If they cannot maintain solid, reliable eye contact with you, or their eyes immediately fly somewhere else like their feet after they have answered, there is every likelihood that they are lying to you. Of course, because this is fairly common knowledge, an unfaithful partner may try to overcome this by forcing eye contact. You will know this when they just stare into you for an uncomfortable period of time.

Excessive blinking: This is a common tell when someone is lying to you and they feel under pressure or uncomfortable.

Overacting when challenged: If you ask why they are 30 minutes late and are greeted with a flurry of wild hand gestures and cartoonish facial expressions during the explanation, you can bet dollars to doughnuts that they are not telling the truth.

They are bizarrely happy: If you have been having difficulties in the relationship and they have been stressed, tired, sad or otherwise and they suddenly become happy, with confidence in their step and a new-found smile on their face, they could well have found some joy outside of the relationship. This could extend to serious conversations when they deflect by trying to laugh, smile, and joke and avoid the issues being discussed.

Negative cluster cues: This is a pattern of behaviour described by psychologists that involve a series of body movements that are either positive or negative. In the case of negative cluster cues, it could be a reluctance to be touched, constantly rubbing their eyes, crossing their arms, hands on hips, etc. Individually, these mean little. But when they are combined into a constant pattern of behaviour then something is definitely on their mind.

They are extremely possessive of their phone: If your partner is constantly on their phone but will not let you anywhere near it, there is likely a problem. This is especially the case if they are changing their password and not giving you access, angling the screen away from you while they are using it and diving to reach their device if it is on charge or away from their possession and there is a chance you could see the preview screen.

They take better care of themselves: If your partner suddenly has a lot more interest in their body (working out more or attending the gym when they were not before), their hair, their clothes, and their smell and they are not involving you in the process, it is very likely they are doing it to impress somebody else and not just to feel better about themselves.

If you suspect that your partner is cheating but need proof, a private investigator can assist. The experienced team at Precise Investigation will be discrete and professional in all of our activities and return tangible proof of any infidelity so that you can make the clean break you need and live the life you deserve. This evidence will be gathered legally and you will be able to use it in any court proceedings that may follow to divide assets, income and family arrangements.

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