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Computer and internet forensic services are available through Precise Investigation

Professional Internet Forensics and Computer-based Investigation Services

Computer forensics, or internet and computer forensic investigations as it is otherwise known, involves the analysis of data on given computer systems, mobile devices and networks as a means to locate, extract, compile and interpret information that is generally inaccessible to the public. The information that Precise Investigation uncovers is gathered in line with Australian law, thereby affording our clients the ability to use that information as admissible evidence in a court of law.

There are numerous reasons as to why a commercial client might require a forensic investigator, or team thereof, to analyse their computer equipment and networks, most notably to determine whether sensitive information has been leaked or to prevent malingering employees from causing harm to the company through internal, technological malpractice.

When engaging Precise Investigation’s computer forensic investigations, our clients can rest assured that only the most suitable, trained and qualified investigators will be made available to them; detectives with years of experience and a proven success rate across all platforms including home and business desktops and laptops, mobile devices, networks and social channels.

Our aim is to provide clients with information they can use, either in court or internally, to identify potentially harmful activity across their networks, recover deleted or damaged data and afford them the means to prevent a wide range of cybercrimes from having an impact on their businesses.

Choosing Us to Run Your Internet and Computer Forensic Investigations

Precise Investigation, a leader in the Australian private investigation industry for three decades, has strived to ensure that our detectives and dedicated support team are kept up-to-date and in-tune with the world’s technological advancements. This has therefore given us, as an investigations agency, the means to expose threats, determine points of information interception, recover crucial data and ultimately assist clients in maintaining an effective working environment.

Our computer forensic investigations are tailored to suit the situations and circumstances surrounding our client’s particular cases. If a client needs to keep the details of the investigation private, so be it – we customise our approach in every case to suit our clients and the outcomes they are hoping to uncover. Given the nature of our industry, Precise Investigation takes great pride in providing clients with the utmost discretion across all computer forensic analysis; investigations that we carry out in-line with corporate confidentiality and apply to meet our clients’ exact requirements.

As such, clients can rest assured that our investigators will always adhere to the details provided in our briefs, follow our clients’ instructions to the tee and never put themselves, our clients or Precise Investigation in a position that could lead to disrepute.

Additionally, while many companies may advertise their abilities to recover or lift data, there are a number of strict regulations at play that most aren’t aware of, or able to abide by, thereby leading to that data becoming inadmissible as evidence in court. Precise Investigation, on the other hand, ensures that every step our detectives take is in accordance with Australian law.

Giving our clients the legal advantage has proven to be a very successful approach to our investigations, and we strive to continue delivering results at the same high level in each and every case we undertake.

Running Professional Internet and Forensic Investigations

Our private investigators are available to visit commercial and residential areas across the country, or assist clients within the confines of Precise Investigation’s offices, bearing in mind that any computers, networks or associated devices will need to be physically present for the investigation to begin.

It should be noted that no private detective, data recovery professional nor investigations firm, other than the Federal Police and associated agencies, are permitted by law to acquire any computers or likened devices on a client’s behalf. Any advertising themselves as able to do so should be reported to the police or the Australian Law Reform Commission.

Once a client has decided to go ahead with a computer forensic investigation, Precise Investigation will arrange a meeting where the details of the investigation will be finalised, along with field instructions being confirmed for the investigators taking part.

As soon as the client has approved the methods we aim to employ, Precise Investigation will set about infiltrating any provided tech, and work towards our client’s desired outcomes.

Most frequently, our computer forensic investigations turn up the following for clients to further analyse or use to determine the results of a particular internal situation:

  • Deleted, damaged or hidden files and folders
  • Deleted correspondence such as emails, messages and social media interactions
  • Browsing history, including upload and download logs
  • Potentially threating cyber attacks and their origins
  • Expose any network security breaches, their frequency and their associated threat level.
  • Third party network access applications and their specifics.

Through the approach we take to our professional computer forensic investigations, clients can rest assured that the information we uncover can be used as admissible evidence in a court of law, or as clear-cut proof of malpractice or misconduct for management to handle internally.

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Our Internet and Forensic Investigations experts and dedicated support team have proven their success in the field for decades, and Precise Investigation continues to advance through the ranks as one of Australia’s leading investigation agencies. As such, we come highly recommended to commercial clients across all market sectors, be it law, insurance, finance, healthcare or government.

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