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Precise Investigation’s professional surveillance services have been employed by hundreds of private clients across Australia over the last thirty years. As the time has gone by, our experience, skills and technical prowess have increased to suit the needs of the ever-changing marketplace; introducing new technologies to minimize detection and employing the same successful approach to each particular investigation as a means to maximize results.

Our private investigators employ the utmost discretion, attention to detail and diligence when engaging in any surveillance operation. This, in turn, allows for the most accurate results and gives our clients the opportunity to expose lies, uncover secrets and ultimately regain their peace of mind.

What is a Surveillance Service?

By definition, undertaking surveillance involves observing, recording and documenting a given subject and their respective activities over a specified timeframe. As such, our private investigators are able to monitor homes, remote locations, businesses, friends, family, partners, assets and more, all while ensuring that our findings are delivered to our clients as often as requested.

Our private detectives will always work as quickly as possible to minimize costs and reveal the information our clients need in a timely manner but, depending on the case in question, it’s important to note that surveillance investigations can take as a little as a few hours or as long as a few weeks to finalise.

There are three types of surveillance that our clients can choose from, with each being specifically tailored to their exact requirements; a process that Precise Investigation covers in detail when putting together the briefs surrounding a case:

Covert Surveillance: This is the most common form of surveillance; a service that allows our private investigators to monitor a person or people of interest from varying locations, without them detecting our presence or being aware that they are being monitored. This type of surveillance is usually employed in cases surrounding deceit, where a subject is suspected of engaging in secretive activities that need to be exposed.

Overt Surveillance: Uncommon in most investigation scenarios, overt surveillance is the act of monitoring a person or people of interest when they are aware of the fact that they are being monitored. As such, this type of surveillance investigation is usually employed as a preventative measure or as a means to expose a third party’s activities through interaction with the subject. Fitting a “wire” to a person, as we see in the movies, would be classified as overt surveillance to the person wearing it.

Static Surveillance: This type of surveillance is generally coupled with one of the above, but involves our private detectives monitoring an area or person of interest from a fixed location, such as a neighbouring building or fixed vantage point. These kinds of surveillance investigations are usually carried out when a suspect is known to be frequenting a particular place and/or where illegal or otherwise malicious activities are suspected of taking place at a specified location.

Precise Investigation will always guide our clients as to which surveillance services to apply to their particular cases, and we will go on to ensure that the finer details of those surveillance services are in line with their exact case requirements, wherever possible.

Why Choose Precise Investigation for Surveillance?  

Precise Investigation and our team of private detectives have been serving private clients in the domestic market, throughout Australia, for close to thirty years. Our expertise, experience and knowledge in the field has been tried and tested for decades and, in each instance, we’ve been able to provide our clients with accurate, timely and cost-effective results.

Whether you’re hoping to expose a crooked boss, a cheating partner, a double-dipper, a shady accountant or anyone or anything else, rest assured that Precise Investigation and our team of private investigators have the means to address your case with the utmost care and attention, discretion and professionalism.

If you’re looking for commercial surveillance services, for use across the corporate sector or to best suit your business, please click here.

How a Surveillance Investigation Works

Depending on the complexity of the case in question, Precise Investigation generally follows a three-step approach to all domestic surveillance investigations:

1 – Brief
The client will make contact with Precise Investigation, who will then arrange a suitable time to meet and or speak over the phone to gather information. During this process, the client will be asked numerous questions about the subject to give our investigators the best chance of locating them and carrying out effective surveillance.

2 – The Surveillance
Following a detailed brief, one or more of our private detectives will set about engaging the suspect with the utmost discretion, taking photographs, recording video and audio were possible and compiling detailed reports of their findings. It should be noted that any instructions given by the client will be adhered to at all times, whilst keeping the surveillance operation well and truly within the limits of the law.

3 – Reports
As and when new information comes to light, those findings will be compiled into accurate, written reports for our clients to look over and analyse. Should all the information they require be uncovered early on, the investigation will come to a halt and the case will be closed.

When to Engage a Surveillance Specialist?

As we mentioned earlier, there are a multitude of circumstances that can lead a person to engage a private investigator for surveillance. However, Precise Investigation is most frequently called upon to provide effective surveillance services in the following situations:

  • Suspected infidelity
  • Leaving children or teenagers unattended
  • Gathering evidence for child custody matters
  • Suspicious activity in an area near your home such as vandalism or theft
  • Monitoring a person’s activity, such as a babysitter or plumber.

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