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Commercial Skip-Tracing and Location Service

In the world of commerce, it’s not uncommon for businesses to lose track of disgruntled employees, non-paying customers, debtors or even ex-staff members that need to be located for confidential reasons.

Most frequently within the corporate sector, Precise Investigation is called upon to assist with headhunting old colleagues; finding the occasional customer who failed to pay their bills on time and even; provide the whereabouts of an ex-business partner who retained critical information about a client’s organisation or business development plans.

Employ Precise Investigation to Find a Missing Person or Asset

We put our clients’ needs before anything else – we’ll never turn our backs on those we’ve sworn to help and we’ll do our very best, at every given opportunity, to obtain the information our clients require, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Precise Investigation has provided hundreds of Australian businesses, government organisations, charities and other enterprises across the country with the skillsets, experiences and expertise necessary to successfully locate any people of interest, and we’ve been doing it for three decades.

Our experience in the field over those thirty years, the technologies we employ and the minds we set to work, combined, has afforded Precise Investigation the opportunity to remain at the forefront of Australia’s location and tracking industry.
Precise Investigation’s commercial location services are tailored to the industries and companies in question, allowing our investigators to approach each case with the levels of professionalism and urgency required to ensure a successful recovery, no matter the complexity of the issues at hand. Most commercial location services that we provide tend to revolve around the fulfillment of a contract, which in turn makes it less complicated to convince those involved to settle the matters at stake.
Our services aren’t confined to just finding people either – our lengthy experience and ever-growing network of trusted sources around the country allow us to dig up information on assets as well. It’s not uncommon for businesses to have phones, laptops and other sensitive equipment stolen or misplaced, and we can help those companies to locate those items too if need be. 

How Precise Investigation’s Skip Tracing Services Work

Precise Investigation will arrange a brief meeting at a point in time and location that best suits you, before going on to gather as much relevant information about the target as possible from you and any people that may be appropriate.
From there, we systematically apply a wide-range of expertise, technologies, analytical tools and network assistance to help our clients locate the people or items of interest as quickly as possible. Skip tracing, database analysis, record searches and specialist field tactics are amongst a select few of the traditional and modern strategies that we blend together to form Precise Investigation’s successful, professional location services.

How to Successfully Locate a Missing Person or Asset

With Precise Investigation’s dedicated support team in place to provide our field operatives with critical information as and when it becomes available, we are able to apply numerous location strategies to our investigations at the same time, making it all the easier to pinpoint a person or item of interest’s exact whereabouts.
It should be noted, however, that due to the nature of most location scenarios and the people involved, it is incredibly difficult to quantify how long a particular missing person or location investigation may take. There are a huge number of variables that come into play when attempting to locate someone that doesn’t wish to be found, but thankfully Precise Investigation’s experience affords us the means to determine the most suitable approach in

Examples of When to Employ Professional Skip Tracing Services

Please see below to explore some of our more common reasons to run a professional location service:

  • Debt Collection
  • Road Collisions
  • Potential acts of Corporate Espionage
  • Breaches to Confidential Information and
  • Headhunting.
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