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Are you worried about a cheating partner? Perhaps you’re thinking of running an infidelity investigation?

Given that Australia is one of the world’s leaders in adultery, with one in four people admitting to having been unfaithful during their relationships and a further one in three failing to share their deepest secrets with their partners, there comes a greater need than ever to cut through the muck.

Did you know that more than over one million Aussies have signed up to the adultery site, Ashely Madison?

Infidelity can often have a darker side than first appearances suggest; despite being a very hurtful thing to endure in the first place, there also comes a greater risk of sexually transmitted disease. One case we undertook early in 2016 involved a man having multiple relationships with women over the course of his five-year marriage, unwittingly contracting HPV, which can cause cancer in women, and spreading it to his wife and three of the other women he was involved with.

There is, however, a silver lining to all this doom and gloom.

In the majority of the infidelity investigations we take on, we find that the suspicions warranting the initial concerns are usually brought about by a lack of proper communication between the couples in question. By extension, we often find that neither partner is cheating on the other, but instead, that it simply appears as though they might be.

Nonetheless, if you suspect that your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or lover of having an affair with someone else, it’s best to have a professional step in to help you confirm or reject those suspicions, discreetly.

We’ve helped hundreds of couples across Australia to better understand their situations and, in many cases, we’ve even helped to reinforce the love they once shared, just through proving that their partners are, in fact, innocent.

Why Hire Us to Catch a Cheating Partner?

We’ve been providing clients across the country with professional infidelity investigation services since 1987, helping them to expose their adulterous partners and regain their peace of mind.

Through the experiences we’ve gained in the field, the qualifications our private investigators hold and the technological advances we apply to each cheating partner investigation, we ensure only the timeliest, most accurate and cost-effective results in every infidelity investigation we undertake.

Over the last six years alone, we have provided in excess of five hundred clients in Melbourne, three hundred in Sydney, two hundred across Perth and Adelaide, and one hundred between Brisbane and Tasmania with successful infidelity investigations to get help them through their relationship issues.

It’s important to note that just because a person is being distant, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are emotionally involved with someone else – we have personally seen hundreds of examples of people purposefully distancing themselves from their partners, not as a means to cause upset, but to allow themselves the “alone” time they feel they need.

One such example involved a woman who thoroughly enjoyed pole dancing, as a hobby. Her husband, a devout Christian, stopped her from engaging in anything associated with it… What happened next? A year later she booked herself into classes in secret. Her husband hired us, thinking she was having an affair, only to realise that his limitations in their relationship had caused her to become distant and secretive.

With that, our investigators are in place to help you fully understand the situation, as opposed to simply reporting, “yes, they are cheating” or “no, they aren’t.”

How Our Infidelity Investigations Work

Cheating Partner Investigations (Infidelity Investigations) may appear to be one of the less complicated services we, and many other private investigation firms offer, but what needs to be taken into consideration are the multitude of external factors that could be affecting the relationships in the first place.

With that, we to address all cheating partner investigations through the following approach:

1 – Forming the Brief

Precise Investigation will allocate a private investigator to your case, who will sit down with you in private, somewhere discrete or over the phone if preferred, to ask questions and better understand the circumstances surrounding your case. He or she will then use that information, coupled with insights from our dedicated support team, to form an investigation plan that will ultimately provide you with the answers you need. We take a huge range of factors into account that might otherwise be overlooked, because we know that these situations are often more complex than they appear on the surface.

2 – The Infidelity Investigation itself

Depending on the outcomes of the brief, your exact instructions and the nature of the case in question, we will initiate the investigation and set about gathering evidence to back your suspicions. While we will always have your best interests in mind, if we find that your partner is in fact innocent, we will make further enquiries to determine what may have caused you to feel as though they were guilty, and go about forming evidence to further those findings. Evidence will be obtained through video and audio recording equipment, photographs and written reports, detailing the specifics of any situations that we stumble upon during the investigation.

3 – Reporting on our findings

Over the course of the investigation and whenever new information becomes available, our private detectives will forward those findings over to you for review. Should you find, at any point, that you have the answers you were seeking, our investigators will pull back. Additionally, our dedicated support team and the investigators assigned to your case will be made available to answer any follow up questions you might have.

When to Start an Infidelity Investigation?

There is no specific time to say to yourself, “Ok, now I’m going to hire an investigator.”

There are, however, a few tell-tale signs that can help you determine the likelihood of your partner being unfaithful and then deciding on whether to follow up with a professional infidelity investigation; if you find that he or she is demonstrating any or all of these signs, then that’s a pretty good indication that you might need a private investigator to help clear things up.

We recently posted an article, 13 Signs Your Husband is Having an Affair, which, although focusing predominantly on men, works surprisingly well for women too; otherwise this article on 5 ways to catch a cheating spouse may be of interest?

We suggest you have a look through that list and see whether you’re in need of a professional private investigation service. If so, just give us a call or click here to use our contact form, and we’ll help you as best we can.

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