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Private Investigators – Precise Blog -Private Investigator Helped Recover Over $2M for Psychic Fraud Victims

Recovering Over $2M for Psychic Fraud Victims

Fraud can find its way into people’s lives in a number of ways, many of which would go unnoticed by your average Joe.

People often think that they’re not likely to be targeted and, if they were targeted, think that they’d spot the scam and walk away.

Scam artists should never be underestimated – that might sound comical, but it’s true.

Take this case for example: Bryan James, your regular guy, visited a psychic and later discovered that he’d been a victim of a $2 million scam that a private investigator helped uncover.

You can read more about the story on the ABC News website, or by clicking here.

Our Private Investigators are at the forefront of scam investigation and we are regularly called upon by individuals and businesses alike to explore the possibilities of a scam and help to expose it.

If you think that you’ve been targeted by a scam artist, or someone you know may be suffering as a result of fraud, get in touch with us:

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