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Should Spying Really Be This easy?

Spying on People Is Easier Than Ever

Have you ever considered that you may have been the Subject of an investigation at some point in your life?

You’re probably thinking in terms of the Police, or Private Eyes… or maybe Auditors even, but I’m referring to a very different kind of investigation; not a Private Investigation, not a Federal Investigation, but a Social Investigation.

Social Investigations are generally unlicensed, as an individual decides to engage in any number of surveillance, data recovery or skip tracing activities without due qualifications, the result of which can either be positive, or very negative. Many of these practices are grey areas when it comes to the law, but depending on the intensity of the practice in question, and the means through which it is applied, you may find your actions to be completely illegal.

While we discuss these topics, I’d like to point out that I am in no-way recommending or suggesting that you attempt these things without consent or the license to do so – and no, you’ll need more than double-0 clearance, I’m afraid.

Here’s a list of classic settings in which Social Investigations can and have been applied;

Tracking romantic interests

Planting Bugs

Following, Stalking and Pursuing People - is it all the same?

Door-Knock Investigations

Using Your Skills of Observation

Have You Ever Caught Yourself Doing Any of the Above?

While many of most of these practices are either unethical or illegal, we do recommend that you use the tools available to you legally, to make detailed enquiries into anything that may seem out of the ordinary to you, because accurate information should always lead to better decision making.

If you’re ever in need of professional assistance in furthering your enquiries or gaining admissible evidence for a court matter, remember that Precise Investigation is a Government Licensed private investigation agency that’s worked with private and commercial clients across Australia for over thirty years and I guarantee that we’re more than equipped to lend a hand.

Should you feel that you’re being bugged, your movements are being tracked or your privacy is being threatened, get in touch with our offices today by calling 1300 856 011 or click here to reach out to us online. Either way, one of our operatives will be sure to give you valuable advice and a structured plan to tackle your situation in the most effective manner possible, all whilst keeping discretion and confidentiality at the very front of our minds.

Thank you for reading!

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