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How a Skip Tracing Service Benefits a Small Business

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When it comes to locating a person of interest that has gone missing, businesses often hire private investigators for skip tracing services. Skip tracers are experts who search for contact evidence and information in relation to a missing person through a variety of channels including: open source databases; extended family and friends; professional / vocational colleagues and landlords.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing services are typically acquired by businesses as well as private or domestic clients. You may need to find a former employee for confidential reasons and skip tracing professionals can help you legally locate an individual’s contact details and address. Skip tracing is often deployed for debt collection when a debtor goes missing without paying the amount they owe.

Skip tracers are licensed professionals with access to comprehensive online databases and public records to help narrow the search focus of a subject.

While the skip tracing approach is common for locating witnesses during an investigation, businesses can also benefit from these services.

Benefits of Skip Tracing Services

Skip tracing services typically benefits individuals who want to find missing relatives, friends they lost contact with, or their biological parents. However, more and more businesses are engaging skip tracing professionals as part of a broader risk management and loss recovery strategy.

Track Down Employees

At times, you may need to track down a former employee and find out their contact details. For instance, you may need to locate a former employee or critical witness when conducting an investigation into alleged workplace fraud activity.

Skip tracing can also assist during the headhunting process for a job vacancy. You may plan to re-hire a former employee who is suitable for a position. However, you can’t reach them through the contact information provided whilst they were employed by you and any social media searches.

Further, if you laid the foundation of your business years ago, then you may have lost contact with the founding partner of your business. But what if you want to locate them to discuss future business prospects and opportunities? In addition, you may want to locate trusted vendors and suppliers with whom you have worked with in the past.

These are a few scenarios where private investigators can help you locate missing employees or business partners through a skip tracing service.

Locate Incommunicado Debtors

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B2B Businesses often sell goods and services on credit and buyers make payments against purchases at a later date. Whilst buyers are obliged to pay off the debt within a specified timeframe, some of them may unnecessarily delay the payment.

Late payments can significantly affect small businesses since they already operate on extremely limited financial resources. Further, debtors can change their contact information, potentially making it tricky to recover the amount.

If you face such an issue, the best tactic is to contact professional skip tracers so you can find incommunicado debtors to recover due funds. Also, you can acquire these services when a business contractor charged you a fee but changed their contact information before delivering promised services or goods.

Locate Expensive Office Equipment

Aside from locating personnel, you may need specialized skip tracing services to locate missing business assets or office equipment. For example, an employee may commit fraud, and in the process, steal the company phone and laptop to hide their trail.

Commercial location services can assist you in locating stolen or misplaced business assets. For this purpose, these professionals make the most of the cutting-edge technology to pinpoint the exact location of the equipment you’re looking for.

Locating Property Owners

Small businesses can benefit from skip tracing services when they want to move to a new location. When looking for appropriate premises, you may come across a building at a nice location that suits your needs. However, it would be a challenge to contact the property owner if you can’t find their contact details despite making some enquiries. A skip tracing service can narrow the search focus and make the task easier for you.

Furthermore, small real estate businesses may need similar services when they are looking for domestic or commercial properties for their clients. They may notice distressed properties that were abandoned by the property owner due to legalities. However, the client may offer a suitable amount that leads to a win-win situation for the buyer as well as the seller.

With the help of cost-effective location services, they can find contact details of property owners or potential sellers and boost their business revenue.

It Saves Time and Money

Small businesses must be cautious about resource allocation due to financial constraints. You can’t perform every task in-house because you may not possess expertise in the specific field. Skip tracing is such a specialized task that is better carried out by experienced professionals.

With a small team managing a myriad of core operations, it’s not easy to find time to locate missing people or stolen equipment, particularly when you don’t have sufficient resources such as tools and software to perform the task. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about these details and can outsource location and skip tracing tasks to professionals.

By hiring expert skip tracing services, you can save time and resources and rather focus on core business functions. They can effectively help you locate non-paying customers and debtors to save you from financial losses.


Skip tracing services are valuable when it comes to finding the latest contact information of former employees, non-paying customers, debtors, or former vendors. Apart from locating people, you can hire them to locate missing business assets. Make sure you hire reputable skip tracing professionals who put in their best efforts to meet your requirements.

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