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Our personal information is more valuable than ever in the digital age and no one wants to become the victim of fraud or have their sensitive data or information stolen or misused.

Unfortunately, cyber intrusion is common on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and you could have tracking software on your device without even knowing it.

This software usually comes saddled with seemingly legitimate software or files and then installs itself on your device in the background, unseen to your eyes but transmitting data to a third party that could use it for a variety of malicious purposes.

Precise Investigation can assist you in making all of your devices safe and secure by finding and removing these hidden apps so you are no longer being tracked and your online activities are no longer being monitored.

How do I know if I have tracking software or invisible apps on my device?

It can be surprisingly easy to unwittingly install tracking software on your smartphone or tablet that is not visible – you won’t even know your details are being transmitted to a third party.

These apps will relay lots of sensitive information including your location and your activities by using your GPS, your Facebook and many other apps. It is essentially the same as being spied on, just through digital channels.

And the worst part is there are no obvious signs that you are being spied on, but there are some checks you can make. If you are receiving higher than normal phone bills, for example, because of higher data charges when you haven’t changed your activities. That could be a sign that data roaming is being used in the background to monitor and report your movements and behaviour.

Your battery life could also suddenly decrease and you could also notice your phone is warm even when you have not been using it because the background applications are keeping it active. If your phone lights up in standby mode when you haven’t touched it, or suddenly reboots for no reason then you could also have spyware on your device.

Our expert team can help you locate and eradicate this spyware from your device using advanced discovery methods. We have years of experience dealing with this spyware and know the warning signs, the methods they use and the solutions to weeding out this malicious software so your personal information is no longer being stolen.

If you suspect that you might have tracking software or any other invisible, malicious apps, contact our team today.

Is your partner or child hiding something from you?

Another form of a hidden app is the kind that is very deliberate. These are apps that present themselves as something innocuous on the screen like a calculator app, but they are actually hiding something totally different.

They are often used as ‘vaults’ where explicit images, video or conversations can be installed and they are generally password protected – some will even take a picture of you if you try and open it and use the wrong password so the user can be alerted you have come looking.

There are many apps like this that are freely available, including AppLock, Vault, Vaulty, Hide it Pro, Secrete Photo Vault, Secret Calculator and many, many more. They are commonly used by unfaithful partners and also teenagers who want to hide things from their parent.

If you have concerns that your partner or child is using a vault or hidden app, our team can help you determine whether their apps are legit or secret.

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