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We have all heard of keyboard warriors. The cowardly, faceless online identities who spread malicious rumours, false content and misleading information which can easily fall under the auspices of Defamation in all States and Territories in Australia.

They hide behind aliases, they use software like VPNs to mask their location and they infiltrate social media with the sole intention of damaging the reputation of others.

They are like trolls under a bridge – and Precise Investigation can help you shine a light under those bridges to expose these trolls for who they really are.

Our expert team can assist you with all manner of professional internet forensics and computer-based investigations services to uncover the data that is not exposed to the general public, follow the digital footprints and uncover information and identities that you can use in a court of law.

Australia’s National Rugby League showcasing why trolls have nowhere to hide anymore

 In Brisbane, Australia, a sporting franchise called the Brisbane Broncos endured a terrible season in the National Rugby League competition.

The Broncos are one of the larger sports clubs in Australia and are the only rugby league team in Brisbane where success is an expectation and the support is massive.

The bad season in 2020 led to many questions – and many unsavoury rumours and accusations being levelled online at the coach Anthony Siebold, who has since parted ways with the club.

But those faceless people who attacked the coach online with accusations are now in the firing line, as Siebold elected to enlist the services of professionals like us to unmask the trolls that attacked him, the Brisbane Broncos and even Siebold’s family.

The results have been handed to the National Rugby League and court proceedings are set to proceed in a clear shot from the NRL that trolls will no longer get away with their malicious and defamatory behaviour.

Uncovering the data to track down the perpetrators

While many trolls operate behind social media profiles that do not reveal their real details (in many cases they do not have any personal details at all), that does not mean they cannot be tracked down and identified.

These trolls may begin to panic when they know there is potential for them to be exposed and they may be extremely computer and internet savvy, going on a warpath to set fire to all of their digital footprints.

The team at Precise Investigation can help locate and revive this data because nothing is ever truly deleted on the internet. We can help locate browsing histories – including upload and download logs, find and restore deleted emails, messages and social media posts, messages and other interactions and identify the origin and identity of these trolls that seek to harm you, your business and/or your reputation.

We can arm you with all of the information you will need to proceed in a court of law to take action against these trolls, restore your reputation, seek damages and also hopefully prevent them from acting in that manner in the future.

Precise Investigation can help you shut down and prosecute hackers and cybercriminals as well

Another part of our professional internet forensics and computer-based investigations services is assisting you in the fight against cybercrime.

Our expert team can assist you in locating potential network security breaches you may have experienced without even knowing, including potentially threatening cyber-attacks and their origin so that you can put the right processes in place to prevent intrusion and potentially take action against the cybercriminals trying to access your network and your precious data.

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