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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – Bug Sweeping – Keeping Out The Pests!

Keeping Out The Pests:

When it comes to bug sweeping, the idea is to protect yourself from pests who might be recording or monitoring your every move. Sounds awfully cliché, but it’s true! While illegal for someone to tap into your private space, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

Over the years working as private investigators, the team at Precise Investigation has seen various cases whereby innocent people have fallen victim to being bugged. From domestic, commercial and industrial situations, based on our knowledge, here is a list of 10 so-called pests that might just be recording or monitoring your whereabouts:

1. Manipulative friend
2. Disloyal partner
3. Snoop
4. Stalker
5. Problem neighbour
6. Online predator
7. Business competitor
8. Untrustworthy business partner
9. Untrustworthy co-worker
10. Disgruntled employee

A home or office that is being bugged is a massive breach of privacy. If you have any cause for concern that you’re under surveillance, make sure you contact our team today. We are the experts in bug sweeping and will have your personal space back to normal in no time.

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