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Talented Child Custody Investigation Specialists with 30 Years’ Experience

Recently come out of a divorce with your spouse claiming more than what is rightfully theirs? Or perhaps the outcomes of the child custody hearing didn’t serve the best interests of your children?

There are countless factors that need to be considered when determining whether a person is fit to be a parent and, in many cases, people are able to present themselves in court in a manner that isn’t reflective of who they really are. This, in turn, leads to one of the parents becoming concerned for the wellbeing of their children as they know that their partners are incapable of providing the appropriate level of care.

Precise Investigation is available to provide parents and those suffering from unjust divorce settlements with the means to expose the truth surrounding their cases, thereby giving them the means to readdress those hearings for more suitable outcomes. Our private detectives have helped hundreds of clients across Australia to address suspicions and allegations into poor parenting or exaggerated circumstances surrounding divorce.

We have teams of specialist private investigators stationed in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Hobart to give our clients unprecedented access to some of the country’s finest investigative minds, with our detectives boasting some of the highest success rates of any Private Investigation firm in Australia.

Choosing Precise Investigation For Your Child Custody or Family Law Matters

With Precise Investigation leading the private investigation for close to three decades, in relation to child custody and family law matters, it is of the utmost importance to us that the specifics of your particular case are not only understood, but addressed as per your exact instructions.

We take the greatest care to ensure that we approach your case with the appropriate levels of discretion, whilst never compromising on professionalism, accuracy or the overall effectiveness of any child custody or family law investigation.

Our private investigators have been hand-picked, based on their experiences, qualifications and their ability to deliver results, to give our clients, as concerned parents or disgruntled divorcees, the means to tackle their issues in the most efficient way possible.

Precise Investigation and our team of detectives strive to have our client’s best interests observed and acted upon; if you feel that your children are in danger in the company of their new guardian(s), or you’ve been taken for a ride by a greedy ex, get in touch with us

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How a Child Custody or Family Law Investigation Works

The specifics of each child custody or family law investigation are dependent on the circumstances surrounding the case in question. With that, Precise Investigation will usually address cases, taking the following details into account:

The Nature of the case

Our detectives will arrange to have a meeting with our client in private, over the phone or in person, before the investigation takes place, to go over the details of the case and to best understand the outcomes our client is hoping for. In this meeting, we will ask a range of questions that will ultimately help our team to gauge how that particular case should be addressed.

The Circumstances Surrounding the Court Hearing(s)

In some instances, a person may be barred from seeing their children or ex-partner during specified times or under prescribed circumstances, and it’s important to take those limitations into consideration.

The Environment in Relation to the Case

At this stage in the investigation process, our investigators will work alongside our dedicated support team to ensure that nobody is entering a potentially dangerous or otherwise hostile environment. Drug and alcohol abuse are commonly associated with poor child custody and divorce settlements and, given those circumstances, Precise Investigation takes the utmost care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all involved.

The Investigation

After all aspects of the case have been carefully considered, our private detectives will go about employing a range of expertise and technologies to uncover the evidence our clients need through surveillance, skip-tracing, bugging and location services, where appropriate. The exact details of each investigation will depend on the case in question, its relative complexity and the parties involved.


At every available opportunity, as and when new information comes to light, our private investigators will ensure that all findings are collated and filed as a report, which is then sent to the client for review. Should everything be in order, and the required evidence be sufficient to proceed with a new court hearing, the case will be closed.Regardless of the reason for data loss, our team will work to assess your phone and identify what has contributed to the event. Wanting to keep our clients informed every step of the way, a detailed report will be produced after a thorough examination that gives you insight into the failure, the potential for saving your files, and any actions we suggest.

Need your job done ASAP? Whether you are interested in discussing the costs associated with retrieval or need to get back to work as soon as possible, you can speak with our in-house specialists about your recovery options today.

Employing a Private Investigator for Child Custody and Family Law Matters

Get in touch with Precise Investigation today to make use of our professional private investigators and our three-decade’s experience as one of Australia’s leading investigation firms. We’ll guide you through the investigation process and provide you with the most effective means of gathering the evidence you need to see the justice you and your family deserve. We’re here to help clients in overcoming:

  • Breaches to court orders
  • Wrongful child custody allocations
  • Unjust divorce settlements and more.

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