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Established in 1987 by John Ioannou, a qualified and dually experienced surveillance investigator of thirty years, Precise Investigation has grown to provide businesses across Australia with an impressive range of private investigation solutions – most recently being awarded accreditation as an investigations provider for WorkSafe Victoria.

With that being said, and while the company has indeed branched out, Precise Investigation’s primary focus continues to rest on providing commercial clients across the country with some of the most successful surveillance and factual investigation services available.

Precise Investigation maintains its reputation as a leader in surveillance investigation expertise, experience and application; through detailed briefs, careful planning and access to advanced surveillance technologies, our detectives have proven their effectiveness in the field, time and time again.

Each of our investigations is tailored to our client’s exact requirements, affording us the means to develop a unique surveillance solution to each of their concerns and going on to deliver on the results they ultimately need and expect.

What are Commercial Surveillance Services?

Commercial surveillance services, as opposed to domestic surveillance services, employ either one, or a team of private investigators to monitor a subject across varying locations, over a specified period of time. The objective is to gather information regarding the given subject’s activities and those of any parties he or she engages with during the surveillance operation, and present those findings, along with photographic and video evidence as written reports, to the client.

Through those detailed reports, Precise Investigation provides clients with the opportunity to professionally and rationally assess a given situation and the actions of any people involved. Whether a client is interested in monitoring personnel with access to sensitive information, a malingering employee’s after-hours activities or suspects in pending internal enquiries regarding fraud, theft and likened malpractice, our private detectives have a proven track record and the necessary expertise.

Precise Investigation’s commercial surveillance solutions are highly applicable to Australian organisations of all sizes, across all market sectors. Through employing our tried and tested methods, each sector, be it finance, law, insurance, healthcare or government, benefits from improved data retention and confidentiality; a reduced risk of malpractice and misconduct; heightened PR resolution and; improved long-term efficiency.

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Choose Precise Investigation to Run Your Surveillance

Precise Investigation boasts three decades’ experience as industry leaders in surveillance.  Our multi-faceted approach to all corporate enquiries and the company’s demonstrated success within Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania is a testament to our dedication and perseverance.

Each case our private detectives undertake is addressed as per our client’s exact requirements, in line with Australian law and in such a way that preserves the integrity and confidentiality of any information uncovered and associated parties.

It is of the utmost importance to us as a firm, a team and a leading investigations provider, that we maintain our capacity to deliver successful and results-driven surveillance services to businesses across Australia. We regularly release blogs and industry insights, most of which, to date, have suggested that companies in Australia are amongst the most likely to be affected by cyber crime in the world, added to the fact that the country already boasts one of the highest fraud rates – we aim to help companies minimise those risks.

Precise Investigation and our team of professional private investigators can help you and your business to overcome a wide range of obstacles and we’re available to do so twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Simply get in touch with our head office by calling 1300 856 011, or by clicking here to reach us electronically. Either way, one of our knowledgeable staff will be sure to guide you through the most effective means to apply professional private investigation services and dependable surveillance solutions.

Applying a Professional, Commercial-grade Surveillance Solution

There are literally thousands of reasons that a small, medium or large company could have that would lead them to require the services of a professional surveillance investigator, or team thereof. However, Precise Investigation is most frequently called upon to provide surveillance solutions to businesses with regards to the following:

Speak to us today to gain a better understanding of the specific surveillance options available to you, how they can be tailored to provide you with optimum results and how to initiate a precise, private investigation.

Business / Employee Surveillance

Precise Investigation maintains a regular blog, reflecting on interesting tidbits from the private investigation industry, including topics like crime, love, relationships, statistics and investigation case stories. With that, we have listed a few of our top posts and articles related to background checks for your perusal:

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