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Private Investigators – Precise Blog – Our Surveillance Teams Busts Ex-hubby Dodging Child Support

Ex-Hubby Dodging Child Support:

Precise Investigation recently undertook an assignment regarding child support which was undertook in Melbourne. The case follows Mark Sinfred, a 45 year-old executive from the northern suburbs. Mark’s ex-wife Joanna contacted Precise Investigation following her suspicions that her ex, Mark, had been supplying botched-up information to the government surrounding his child-support payments.

Five years after their divorce Mark was responsible for child support for the ex-couples two children, Yvette six and Mathew nine. None of which had ever been paid. Not one cent. Throughout the course of the five years, Joanna made several attempts and had countless conversations with various public servants from different government agencies who all reported the same thing… that Mark didn’t earn enough to cover the minimum child-support payments.

However, this wasn’t such a simple open and shut case. When the kids came home after a weekend with Mark they would continuously talk about “daddy coming home from work” and other stories to a similar effect. Daddy working… what? Something didn’t quite add up for Joanna. Mark didn’t have a job… or so she was led to believe. That is when she first contacted us to explore the situation further.

Joanna approached our private investigators hesitantly. Unsure of the information she may uncover. However, if Mark was working she wanted to know about it. Especially if it meant she would be able to claim some of the government payments she was so rightfully entitled to. Our investigators sat down with Joanna and walked her through our processes and the covert surveillance techniques we would employ to the case – including still photography and monitoring Mark’s movements. No longer with doubts, Joanna agreed to proceed and we set to work right away.

Within the space of just a few weeks our surveillance techniques certainly paid off and proved that Joanna’s hunch was spot on. Mark was working as a restaurant kitchen-hand, and had been employed for the past four years. He was taking home regular cash payments under-the-table on a fortnightly basis, meaning his employment went by completely unnoticed by Centrelink. As it turns out, not only was Mark dodging Joanna, but he was also undergoing tax evasion. Not anymore.

Thanks to our expert team of private investigators, Joanna had all the evidence she needed to prove her husband’s misconduct, including regular footage of Mark physically undertaking work, washing his uniform and receiving cash payments. The case was a major success and now Joanna receives regular fortnightly child-support payments; payments which she has always been entitled to.

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Please note: To protect the identites of the individuals and associated businesses or third parties described in this article, any real names, business details and addresses have been replaced by names and details that we invented.


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