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Ex-Cop Had Mate Search Victorian Police Data:

It’s always bad to hear about people, in our line of work, who push the limits of their capabilities and permissions – Private Investigators have the same legal rights as any other person. By definition then, we are not allowed to break the law, regardless of what Hollywood or our TVs show us.

Here we have an unfortunate case, and I say, “unfortunate” because the work that these investigators carried out wasn’t intended to be malicious – it was just poor execution:

Damian Marrett, a former undercover police officer, turned PI, was tasked with finding information about a woman and her location. He was, in fact, working for a different Private Investigator, with a client who hoped to find his daughter.

To get the information he needed, Marrett turned to a former colleague in the police force, who wishes not to be named. Marrett reportedly offered money to the officer in exchange for the information, but the “copper mate” was never paid.

Marrett later pleaded guilty in court, to procuring a police officer to disclose confidential information.

The woman, now the victim of the illegal tip-off, went on to advise police that she didn’t want to be found by her father, claiming that he had abused her, sexually, as a child.

You can read more about the story, from theaustralian.com.au, by clicking here.

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