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Debt Collection

Most collection agencies will require a great deal of information from their clients, including the contact details and addresses of those in debt, as the companies in question are only equipped to handle the collections themselves. Precise Investigation, on the other hand, utilizes every plausible investigation service we can muster to provide our clients with far more than a standard recovery solution.

As such, our investigators provide a debt collection, resolution and recovery solution that covers the entire debt cycle, from early arrears through to those that have overstepped the charge-off period.

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Who we provide
Debt Collection to?

With no restrictions to the amount of debt our clients can request recovery services for, every Australian business owner, resident and the members of their families are capable of having our investigators work beside them.

Whether you’re a retiree, having loaned a friend large sums of money, a commercial entity having delivered stock that wasn’t paid for, or a fully-fledged financial institution looking for an effective solution to debtor location and collections, Precise Investigation is sure to be of assistance.

Professional Debt Collection and Asset Retrieval Services from Australia’s Leading Investigators


Why Employ Precise Investigation for Debt Collection?

We have provided hundreds of clients across the market, in every major state in the country with fast, cost-effective and dependable debt resolution services, with commercial and domestic clients in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart and Brisbane enjoying the easiest access to our services.

With that being said, please bear in mind that our operatives are mobile and more than capable of assisting clients anywhere in Australia and Tasmania, regardless of how remote or difficult to reach they may be.



John Ioannou, founder of the company, has served a long and industrious career as one of Australia’s most successful private investigators. By maintaining an uncompromised approach to operational integrity, skill delivery and discretion, John has been able to systematically deliver the results his clients need, and improve on his commitment to protect their personal or commercial interests. Precise Investigation was created to embody John’s determination and provide a platform from which he could effectively share his observations with a wider audience.

Now, three decades later, the company continues to see significant growth thanks to John’s dedication to the task at hand, consideration for those involved and ever-improving proficiency in the field.

Further to his capabilities as a Private Investigator, John’s innate comprehension of interpersonal behaviours has allowed him and our team to source only the most valuable of commercial resources, all made available to our clients, as specialists in a wide range of industry-specific fields.

Providing services with regards to State and Federal Government Legislation; Criminal Law; Insurance Claim Analysis; Corporate Fraud Detection and Risk Management, to name a few, has become an integral component of our company, as a reputable, Government-licensed Private Investigation firm.

Now encompassing a broad-based network of specialist field operatives and support personnel, who all share and enhance on the company’s expertise as it expands across the country, we are sure to continue providing unmatched, private investigation services to both our existing and prospective clients.


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