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Posted: January 13, 2014

What Can a Private Investigator Do For Me? 

Here’s a list of 101 things that we, as Private Investigators, can do for you.

We have experience across a wide and diverse spectrum of cases and, as such, we approach each with the appropriate means, tools and skills to ensure a successful investigation.

Our Private Investigators Can:

  • Reveal a date of birth
  • Find out someone’s real name
  • Find an existing address
  • Uncover previous addresses
  • Identify and confirm TFNs, ABNs and more
  • Find birth certificates and records
  • Locate a person’s death records
  • Find marriage records
  • Locate divorce records
  • Go through someone’s rubbish
  • Find a beneficiary for a probate proceeding
  • Investigate current and / or historical property holdings
  • Identify and/or confirm mortgage information
  • Identify and/or confirm secured lenders
  • Identify and/or confirm related party property transactions
  • Determine current market value of real estate and property
  • Find bankruptcy filings
  • Recover and analyse bankruptcy records
  • Expose improper relationships
  • Find federal civil lawsuits
  • Find federal criminal records
  • Recover and analyse federal civil and criminal records
  • Find criminal arrest records
  • Recover mug shots from detainment records
  • Provide professional, independent analysis on data, records and more
  • Review and analyse criminal records
  • Offer peace of mind
  • Retrieve home phone numbers
  • Retrieve mobile phone numbers
  • Identify the owner of a phone number
  • Determine the owner(s) of a given corporation
  • Recover and analyse corporate records
  • Find current or former executives
  • Interview and review current or former executives
  • Locate and recover judgment and lien filings
  • Research and uncover family history
  • Connect the dots
  • Find witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit
  • Interview witnesses for a given lawsuit
  • Locate assets
  • Locate current or historical boat registrations
  • Locate current or historical aircraft registrations
  • Find hidden or secret holdings
  • Provide business intelligence
  • Tactful intelligence gathering
  • Analyse and determine connections between parties
  • Retrieve bank account information
  • Find runaway employees
  • Interview rogue employees
  • Find significant inheritances
  • Make things clear
  • Discover a will for an estate
  • Find probate records
  • Discover foreign assets
  • Find regulatory records
  • Identify regulatory actions
  • Review professional licenses
  • Analyse prior disciplinary records for professional licenses
  • Determine state and federal political contributions
  • Identify state lobbyist records
  • Identify federal lobbyist records
  • Discover and identify possible whistleblowers
  • Analyse expert witnesses
  • Analyse industry sources
  • Gather industry intelligence
  • Discover related party business transactions
  • Recover and analyse non-profit financial filings
  • Go door knocking
  • Obtain and analyze Department Form Filings
  • Submit specific requests to government agencies
  • Find driving record history
  • Locate current vehicle registrations
  • Locate historical vehicle registrations
  • Make you feel great
  • Resolve the current market value of motor vehicles
  • Help with jury selection
  • Perform background checks on prospective jurors
  • Review documents for potential fraud
  • Determine Risks
  • Determine and Analyse corporate relationships
  • Give you an edge over your competitors
  • Locate corporate files
  • Research and investigate foreign corporations
  • Provide assistance during sensitive situations
  • Research and investigate overseas litigation
  • Determine stock ownership
  • Uncover the truth
  • Find online resumes
  • Discover online networking profiles
  • Uncover historical video or news footage
  • Perform historical newspaper research
  • Perform mobile or stationary surveillance
  • Conduct clandestine operations
  • Locate undisclosed ties
  • Recover and Analyse Tax Court cases
  • Find a missing person
  • Determine and review education history
  • Determine and review previous employment history
  • Scour the web
  • Investigate presence on social networks or message boards
  • Provide photographic evidence
  • So, if you need a professional Private Investigator to help you with any of the above, or something a little different, then give us a call.

    Precise Investigation has detectives in cities all around the country; Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart and many more.

    Call Precise Investigation today on 1300 856 011 for a professional, Private Investigation Service

    We’re here to help.

    Image credit: Thank you, Arthur Caranta from flickr

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