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Australia’s Leading Personal & Commercial Private Investigators
– Established 1987 –

Find crucial information
on a person/s of interest

What is a background check, exactly? Put simply, it’s just as it says on the tin; looking into someone or something’s background – or history, more specifically.

Background checks are usually put to use by people looking for confirmation of a given fact about what someone did in the past or what previously happened to an item of interest. Most frequently, domestic clients opt for background checks when seeking information about a new babysitter, or potential employee; checking the facts about a vintage vehicle and; determining whether their partners or love interests are really who they say they are. There are hundreds of applications for professional background checks and Precise Investigation can provide our clients with the expertise necessary to tackle any.

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Why Employ us for a
Background Check

We provide you with a background check? Our dedicated support team, along with the detailed briefs our investigators record from our clients, work hand-in-hand to pull together some of the most comprehensive background reports that the industry has to offer.

With that information, our clients have gone on to secure million-dollar investment deals; enjoy their free time, knowing their families are in good hands; feel assured that their latest purchases are legitimate; determine the authenticity of collectibles and artworks and even; decide on whether to pursue potential love interests.

Whatever it is that you’d like to know about a person or specific item, Precise Investigation applies over thirty years’ experience to every case we undertake, making our work some of the most effective, accurate and reliable in Australia.

Fast and Effective Background Checks from Australia’s Top Investigators


Employment Screening/Background Checks

Our expert background checks tap into vast networks, back-door databases and a multitude of off-line publications, along with school and police records from numerous countries around the globe, to create some of Australia’s most accurate recruitment streamlining solutions to date.


Personal Background Checks

We strive to employ every conceivable investigative method, database, resource and network available to gain, analyse, cross-reference and compile the material for the reports we produce. We take every step possible to ensure the utmost precision in the results we provide.

Scalable Background Checks and Professional
Employment Screening Solutions

What Information can a Background Check Reveal?

Precise Investigation offers a wide range of employment screening and background check solutions to companies across all of Australia, including:

  • Large-scale, multi-tiered background checks
  • Once-off, highly detailed employment history reviews
  • Criminal Record Exposure
  • Medical History Exposure
  • Debt and Finance History Exposure
  • Education and Qualification Verification
  • Online Behaviour Exposure
  • Name Verification



John Ioannou, founder of the company, has served a long and industrious career as one of Australia’s most successful private investigators. By maintaining an uncompromised approach to operational integrity, skill delivery and discretion, John has been able to systematically deliver the results his clients need, and improve on his commitment to protect their personal or commercial interests. Precise Investigation was created to embody John’s determination and provide a platform from which he could effectively share his observations with a wider audience.

Now, three decades later, the company continues to see significant growth thanks to John’s dedication to the task at hand, consideration for those involved and ever-improving proficiency in the field.

Further to his capabilities as a Private Investigator, John’s innate comprehension of interpersonal behaviours has allowed him and our team to source only the most valuable of commercial resources, all made available to our clients, as specialists in a wide range of industry-specific fields.

Providing services with regards to State and Federal Government Legislation; Criminal Law; Insurance Claim Analysis; Corporate Fraud Detection and Risk Management, to name a few, has become an integral component of our company, as a reputable, Government-licensed Private Investigation firm.

Now encompassing a broad-based network of specialist field operatives and support personnel, who all share and enhance on the company’s expertise as it expands across the country, we are sure to continue providing unmatched, private investigation services to both our existing and prospective clients.


Our Happy Clients

John and his team are excellent. They are affordable, reliable and always accessible for questions I have. Everything was discrete and handled very well. I will recommend John to my friends if they every need a private detective or investigator in Melbourne or Sydney.
Chris Pattas
I have had the pleasure of knowing John for over five years and have utilised his services and that of Precise Investigation on numerous occasions. John is an experienced surveillance operative and a master at his field craft; he is ethical and take his job seriously and produces excellent results for his clients. I highly recommend John and Precise Investigation for surveillance requirements.
Alan Earl
All I have to say is great results, great communication and great team of people to deal with! I can't thank you enough!!!
Brian Turner
Thanks for helping me, John! Precise Investigation did a fantastic job with the surveillance op... If I ever need something like it again, I'll know where to go!
Sägunovich Debruvski
Very Professional, Fast, Effective Service.Highly recommended in all matters that you may require help with.
Andreas Tziotzis
I own and operate International Recovery Solutions a Debt Collection & Investigation Company- and have used John and his team at Precise to undertake our surveillance work for around 10 years. They are extremely Professional, compliant and very thorough. They know their market inside and out.. Thank you guys for all you do and look forward to working with you all in 2022 and beyond 🙂
Shandelle Wade
I cannot say enough positive things about Precise Investigation. I find them to be honest, forthright, respectful and knowledgeable. Their experience and determination were critical in obtaining important information on my behalf for the court. They are easy to speak with, always available and very organized. They are true professionals who always put clients first. I highly recommend them if you need private investigative services.
Dean Hinkler
Precise Investigation helped me get closure on an important issue. John and his team of Private Investigators were always friendly and fast. I would recommend his detective work to others.
Adele Turner
Great to work with. John is so professional and understanding. I highly recommend using Precise Investigation.
Gretel Phillips
Used Precise Investigation to track down a former colleague of mine - John was able to help and managed to locate the guy in just four days. Great work guys and thanks again for your help!
Sagan Cowne
Wow.... I was a bit hesitant at first using a private investigator... But just talking to these guys I was blown away! They were very professional and very clear in communication!I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is needing help with any issues they may have.My mind was put at ease and the relief was well worth their services.Keep up the great work guys!
David Powell
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